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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ima reserve

Instructions and Help about ima reserve

You know if my girlfriend sees you in here she's gonna be really mad at you she's gonna walk in and she's gonna who is that I was good what's going on guys welcome back to the channel if you don't already know my name is Austin Allen I'm active in the Navy and I just blogged my life so this is gonna be more of an informational video cuz I have lots of lots people on instagram lots of people on Facebook message me they'll hey should I go to the reserves or should I go to active so I kinda wanna help you out a little bit we're gonna do an informational video about active duty versus the reserves you can drop a like really ups the video I have my friend Michelle here with me are you glad to be here be honest very happy I had to beg you to be here I was like please let's do this video they choose only reservist that I know around here so yeah okay okay and don't forget that hundred dollars I slipped you aren't at the table so the reason you cling on this video is because you may be considering you're on active duty or going on reserves and we're here to talk to you about the benefits of each she was on the ship with me back in 2021 on the western Pacific deployment good memories so imma let you introduce yourself hello I'm Michelle Diaz I did six years active duty in the military and I just transitioned into the reserves originally from Santa Ana California Anaheim fish area yeah interesting enough yeah so I was stationed in Washington for five and a half years and then I moved to Pensacola Florida and that's where I started the reserves and I just moved back now to Anaheim California okay so that's something about the Navy cuz what's your rating it ad so she's an ad and she was in Washington for five and a half years so I'm an in May I've been in for six years I've been to three different commands already so with it you really you really choose your fate when you choose your rate because if you love traveling you know you may want to choose a rate that's the travels were often you know saying now some ma is they get stuck in in one place in long time but that's completely off topic we're gonna talk about active versus reserved now the reason I want to go active because I wanted the full-time pay I wanted a full-time job and I wanted a full-time benefits so that's the one thing we're gonna talk about right now the first thing its benefits so can you kind of compare since you've been in reserves and active duty can you compare the benefits as far as medical oh that's a good one so active duty you at all times.