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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing individual mobilization augmentee (ima)/handbook

Instructions and Help about individual mobilization augmentee (ima)/handbook

Music hello everyone is DJ here I've experienced more camera problems so I'm afraid it's audio only again this week is getting a bit irritating this camera issue for some reason it is shutting itself down after about four minutes five minutes of recording so I end up just talking to the microphone fortunately I record a separate audio track so you've at least got something for this week so sorry about the camera problem I'll continue trying to resolve it otherwise I may have to see how well a camera does jumping out a window haha so in the meantime enjoy this episode and here we go you hello everyone this DJ here and once again I'm going to try this without written script and just got a couple of bullet point notes and we'll see how this goes so this week I'd like to talk to you about a semi-retirement option what if you don't want to drill anymore but you still want to either have the flexibility to perform duty when you want or just coast for a while and then maybe come back well there is an option available to you it's called the individual Ready Reserve this is a very good option or for some people and not a good option for others in fact I'll give you a story about both as I go along first let me describe how it works and then you can make a decision for yourself so the individual Ready Reserve is a non drilling status which allows you to maintain a military status of a sort and offer the flexibility of coming back if you choose but it's also a chance to rest get yourself organized all of those things that you didn't have time to do when you were either active duty or a drilling reservists so what's the main advantage of it well as I said a moment ago flexibility if you're a self-starting type individual this is a good place to be because you can bounce around to different statuses as you choose such as you still have the opportunity to drill and earn points you still have the opportunity to go to annual training or go to schools you can even compete for promotion so there's a lot of things you can still do without having to sacrifice at least one weekend a month if not more you can choose when form duty and when you don't now to help along with that there is this program called the individual Ready Reserve affiliation program or IRR affiliation program and of course since we have to have acronyms I a P this is not an optional enrollment when anyone goes to the IRR at least in the army and that's primarily from which I'm speaking although each component has its own version of the IRR but when you go to the IRR in the Army you're enrolled in the affiliation program and it's primarily.