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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ima program usmc

Instructions and Help about ima program usmc

Okay George Scovell coming at you here I don't know if this is really a stem lab nope but this is more towards the general IMA programs that I've been working on all right so I went through I had a good probation today I'm pretty straightforward what you've been doing we've been hanging out with this kind of the common rhythm Aurora at all still have my paperwork in there yet remember what the deal with that is one side of it I'm happy that you know it gives you the illusion of all you might be not on it but the reality is they come up to your house any day because I've already started this from the day I got out and all that jive but not really probations fault I guess on this one but I got to be in there you know so i can be in it fully rolling on what's going on but a handle the job hunts been the common thing because you know a lot of reasons you can fail but for failing for not having a job is a pretty piss-poor reason to get locked back up in jail there's a lotta loopholes you could be in school and do all that stuff but i need to pay not the grades any pretty well with whatever whatever formal education i have in in private study that I come out with but I don't really want to talk about that now I'm i did go through a few things out there you know is a is a good platform we're going to be using a system like that for the IMA program concept because on the backbone for you know I went to those workforces up there and that worked for us up there in delhi and i'd only got one out there in sydney and they probably have one out there and binghamton as well which is kind of an all all around hat hub you know they all have everything even when in delhi there they pointed me to stuff and sydney and i'm sure the one in Binghamton is going to have a lot of stuff but more centralized around Binghamton area which I'm not really so kosher about but it comes down to it not a lot I can do about it but with that you know I went through the initial forms and everything with it and it's just not what it should be you wind up just filling out the same thing 20 different times it's nice that they have applications out there but you would think that they would have a better format for it or at least a computer base for instead of actual physical paperwork files to work this through I don't know if it's just there's or if it's the format in general I'm sure that using a system like that gives you a percentage of all advantage that.